I can’t help but think that we would appreciate a day like today a little more if it were the beginning of spring, rather than the middle of fall.  I tweeted out something to that effect today, and John Sullivan tweeted back:  “Nice days in November are merely stays of execution as winter looms. You’ll learn, all right. You’ll learn.”  He has it right, doesn’t he?  It’s difficult to fully enjoy days like today when you know they will be the last we see for a while.

Regardless, it was a GORGEOUS start to the work week.  It looks like we get to keep the 60s in the forecast for at least one more day, if not two.  For Veterans Day we nudge the temperature gauge up another degree or two from Monday’s highs, but we’ll also see a few more clouds filtering the sun.  

For Wednesday, still mild – but it may not feel as nice.  We wake up to mostly cloudy skies and a good chance of some light showers early on in the day.  They do say that good things come in 3’s, so we’ll cross our fingers for one more day of highs near 60°!  It will be apparent on Wednesday that some sort of change is just lurking around the corner, and that big change arrives overnight.

It’s not all gloom and doom though!  We have to look at the bright side!  I’ll admit, I even got a little shiver down the spine when I saw the video of snow in the Plains and Midwest today… but we won’t have to break out our snow shovels and plows yet.  The cold IS on the way, but the snow holds off – for now.

“Famous last words.”  – Bri

Side note:  I’m a sucker for beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  I have seen MANY amazing pictures on social media in the last couple of evenings.  Here’s one of my favorites from @h_bushnell19 (Newburyport):  

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