Small plane crashes in Florida neighborhood and sets home on fire

(CNN) — A small plane crashed into the side of a Lake City, Florida, home on Saturday, killing the pilot, according to Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

The crash happened less than a half-mile north of the Cannon Creek Airpark, a neighborhood with a landing strip for pilots living in or visiting the community, according to CNN affiliate WJXT.

The National Transportation Safety Board identified the plane as a Piper PA-32 and said it is investigating the crash.

Photos from residents in the area show the plane in flames and leaning up against a home. Children’s toys are littered on the front lawn.

“People that live in (the) home are safe,” said Amy Creamer Brown, a resident who was in the area and took pictures of the crash.

She said her husband attempted to help the pilot before rescue arrived. “He’s so sad he couldn’t help,” she said in a Facebook post.

There were no injuries reported on the ground, Columbia County Fire told WJXT.

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