Smooth Hand

This next storm is a sneaky one. For it’s size, it packs a punch. Earlier today, thundersnow was reported across Iowa, and snowfall rates clocked in at over an inch per hour in Illinois! Lesson here: don’t brush it off (pun intended). Despite what you see in the morning (lightweight stuff), the afternoon burst will be heavy and visibilities will be poor on the roads. This storm is a smooth operator and pretty efficient at putting down snow.

This time around, the tables are turned. We’re picking on the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH for amounts at the top of the 3-6 inch range:

Look for a good 4-5″ around Worcester and close to 6″ from Nashua to Portsmouth, NH. Even Lawrence, Lowell and Littleton have the chance to top out near 4-5 inches – and 90% of the accumulation will come from 2-5pm tomorrow afternoon. That’s a good dose of snow!

Now the timing:

  • Storm starts mid AM tomorrow with some periodic light snow – minor accumulations
  • Snow intensifies in the mid afternoon as the storm passes overhead – could be up to 1″ per hour!
  • Tapers in the early evening from SW to NE 

Now to move the discussion away from cold and snow. I’m still seeing a spring-like warmup later in the week. The issue: we’re still in an active pattern. That means it’s not all blue skies and mild temperatures. It’s more like rain and 50s. With a return to seasonable cold be the end of the seven day forecast (sans storms).

Oddly, I don’t think anyone’s complaining. After 2 straight winters of above normal snowfall, folks are just looking for a break. Good thing we have winter sports like skiing and boarding, snowmobiling and ice fishing or the masses would be climbing the walls.

Update later this evening.