What a nasty and bitter start to this weekend as early morning snow tapers off for most by 9:00AM (Midday over the Cape).  With the fresh 1-3″ of snow on the ground, on top of the slush and puddles that froze solid, travel is slick early this morning.  Watch the step out the front door and in the driveway as plenty of black ice lies under the fresh powder.  That fresh powder also whips in the wind, which is brutal this morning, gusting 35-45mph.  Wind chill factors run around -10 this morning and near 0 through the day.  Temperatures only recover to about 15 this afternoon with some sun returning. 

Tomorrow is a better day with temps in the 20s and winds not as strong.  Then it’s on to the next storm.

Overnight Sunday – Monday
-Snow arrives for all by 2AM and ends Monday evening.  It’s mostly done by 7PM.
-Snow becomes steady through the pre-dawn hours and heavy for the AM commute and midday.
-Snow rates of 1″+ per hour likely, fluff factor likely.
-Coast temps hold in the 20s, Inland temps run 5-15!
-Track of low may produce some mix for the Cape/Islands/South Coast of New England.
-Snow totals 8-14″ widespread.
-Wind picks up in the afternoon (blizzard conditions won’t be sustained, but, blowing,drifting and falling snow may produce sporadic blizzard-like conditions.
-Strongest winds in the Evening – gusting 35-50mph at the coast/Cape/Islands.   Coastal flooding should be minor compared to the last Blizzard.

Overall, it’s been quite a winter pattern the last week and a half.  We’ve picked up over 30″ of snow in the last week in Boston and if we pick up another foot of snow Monday, we will have picked up a season’s worth of snow in only 9 days!

With nowhere to put the snow, it’ll be a frustrating clean-up, especially in the cities where parking is a premium and streets are narrow or lost a lane to snow banks.  Hopefully it’ll be easier to be patient as we celebrate another championship!

Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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