Snow lovers are not loving this–granted they had their turn last winter–but rain leading up to Christmas Day has to be tough. They’ll get over it. Truth be told, I too would love some Christmas snow but not too much cuz that would mean I’m working rather than spending quality time with the family. Well….good news, no snow in sight this week.

What we do have is some rain & record warmth on tap. First, the rain. That shows up tomorrow just after the commute and is with us–of & on– for much of the day. Most towns pick up .40" or less, not enough for flooding but probably some snarly traffic here & there. Temps get a bump from this rain, easily reaching the upper 50s for most cities & towns.

On Wednesday, We have more rain heading this way–altho I think that should hold off until mid-late afternoon and into the evening. Once again tho, it’s rain–not snow, sleet or freezing rain—there’s no cold air to be had as temps head for the low 50s by afternoon.

Thursday and Friday we see really warm temps—record warmth on Thursday as temps get cozy with 70 by afternoon! Boston record is 61–city should hit 67 with ease. Worcester, your record is 57–also likely to fall. Despite the record warmth, clouds are still fill up the sky and perhaps even some humidity! Christmas day is still warm–low 60s with a mix of sun & clouds—bad for new ice skates & sleds…great for new bikes & golf clubs!

Happy Holidays!


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