Snow Showers then Bitter Blast

And you thought we just might get away from winter snow-free?  :c)  We’re at the point of the winter now where temperature almost seems irrelevant, and the big question is "when will we see more snow?"  Well, it looks like snow showers will be moving through tomorrow.  BUT before you freak out and say something crazy like, "I gotta get me some milk and eggs!" let me tell you that Wednesday’s snow will be nothing like yesterday or Friday.

Wednesday’s snow will be very scattered – NOT widespread snowfall this time around.  However, there’s still the chance that some more intense squalls could pop up in some spots, and we know that can cause some problems.  Snow squalls can seemingly come out of nowhere and snow very hard, very quickly, and then disappear after leaving a couple/few inches of snow on the ground.  That could be the case in some areas for tomorrow.  For MOST of us though, these are just a few light snow showers, mainly wetting the roads.  For isolated spots, a coating to 2" is possible (with maybe some very localized 3").  There’s still a chance for scattered light snow showers on Thursday as well, but then the sunshine is back with us on Friday.

Temps tomorrow will make it into the mid 30s – but don’t get used to it.  We’re getting our first bitter blast of arctic air this weekend.  So, when I said, "temperature almost seems irrelevant," it definitely becomes more relevant for the weekend forecast.  As the arctic front moves through, it could pop some snow showers early Saturday.  We’ll also have some bitter winds out of the NW on Saturday, making our highs in the teens feel like subzero temperatures.  Speaking of subzero temps, our air temps will likely be subzero on Sunday morning.  Ay yay yay.  Hope you found your cuddle-buddy for Valentines day.

Heading into next week, I do think there’s a significant boost in temps come Tuesday – but that’s also the same time we’re watching for our next storm.  Rain?  Snow?  Where?  When?  All questions that need to be nailed down.  If you backed me into a corner, I’d say "more wet than white."  We’ll keep an eye on it.  Have a great rest of your week!  – Breezy

P.S. (Post snow…)  "Truck Day" is tomorrow.  So, for those looking forward to spring, we’re not far away!