**Blizzard Warning Cape Cod/Islands**  Blizzard Warning was expanded this afternoon to include Cape Cod, Nantucket as well as Martha’s Vineyard through 1am Sunday morning.  Remember, "blizzard conditions" don’t verify based on the amount of snow an area is expecting.  Rather, blizzard conditions are more about the strong winds, blowing snow and reduced visibility (less than 1/4 mile) for 3 consecutive hours or more.  These conditions have verified for Nantucket today, so we can officially hashtag this storm as #Blizzard2016.

Snow continues to fly this evening with the steadiest & heaviest snow along the South Shore/Coast as well as the Cape/Islands. Snowfall totals are pictured below.  2-4" expected for Boston through the North Shore.  South of Boston is where the greatest concern for travel is… Conditions getting worse and worse the farther south you go.  PLEASE check the conditions in your area before heading out, and if you don’t have to go anywhere tonight, find something to keep you occupied inside.  The snow tapers off around midnight in metro Boston but not until 4-5am outer Cape/Nantucket.

There is a full moon tonight, which is making for high astronomical tides.  Couple that with strong winds out of the NE; this has us watching for coastal flooding.  We’ve already seen splash-over and minor flooding/erosion in some areas earlier today.  Of most concern will be the 11pm high tide tonight and the 11am high tide Sunday morning. The South Shore (Scituate), down through the Cape (Sandwich, and Provincetown) as well as Nantucket are at risk for minor flooding with pockets of moderate flooding very possible.  Strong northeast winds continue along the coast/Cape/Islands ranging from 40-50 from Cape Ann to Bourne with gusts over 50mph out on Cape Cod/Islands Sunday.

While it will still be windy and cold tomorrow, early morning clouds and flurries for the Cape will give way to sunshine past 10am.  Highs top out in the low 30s and wind gusts starting the day at 35-45mph on the Cape will fade to 15-25 by afternoon. 

For the rest of the week, how does a warming trend sound?  Plenty of sunshine in the next few days, with highs in the 40s for Tuesday and Wednesday.

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