Wha? Surprise snow? What was that about this morning?!? Cold air burrowed into the band of rain that was moving across Southern N. E. this morning, changing us over to snow and sleet. Thunder was even reported in some spots – a freakishly rare event on the tail end of a storm.

In any event, the cold is very apparent this evening. Folks are clamoring to cover the new flower shoots and worried about the cold “burning” their lawns. Fret not. It’s been shown that late-season snow can be good for lawns and gardens. (One of my all time favorite programs…still bummed it ended in 2005.) And the flowers will bounce back – but may lose a few buds with this abnormally cold air tonight.

Speaking of, I’m sure you checked out the projected lows to the right. The highs aren’t much better in the coming days. Thankfully, the sun is on our side…
…er, at least through tomorrow.

Cloud bank offshore will slowly ease in on the heels of that east wind Friday. This cooks our goose for an early jump on a warmup. Once the clouds blot out the sun, we’ll hold in the 40s through the afternoon. What we really need is for this high to completely push away from New England – and that won’t happen until the weekend. Once it does, we’re good for a few days as highs jump into the 60s by next week. Yes, the Marathon is warmer, but we’re still below 70 degrees. Keeping an eye on it.


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