Thanks to Friday’s storm, many kids have  a 3 day weekend.  We throw in another storm, and many kids now have a 4 day weekend. Here we go again… 

First is the wind, second is the snow.  Gusty winds woke up many of us overnight as gusts to 40-50mph already pushed in early this morning, those gusty winds continue to crank throughout the morning into the early afternoon. 40-50mph gusts are common along the coast, even pushing 50-60+mph along coastal Plymouth County/Cape and Islands.  

Now throw in the snow…. Snow will continue to expand from southeast to northwest through the morning with steady, to at times heavy snow, over the Cape by 6am, reaching the Boston to Worcester areas by 9-10am and southern NH just after lunch.  The snow from mid morning to mid afternoon will be heavy at times, creating slick travel and reduced visibility.  Where winds are the strongest and snow is the heaviest, blizzard conditions are possible in Plymouth County and the Cape and Islands.  In those locations, we have a blizzard warning posted. 

A coastal flood warning is in effect from 9am-1pm across the South Shore/Cape/Islands.  Minor to pockets of moderate coastal flooding is expected there. 

The wind does taper off late today and overnight tonight, however, areas of snow continue.  From late afternoon, through tonight, snow is generally light, although a few pockets of moderate snow are possible, especially near Cape Ann and the Southeast Mass coast as a coastal front may help enhance some localized bands of snow.  

By 7am Tuesday, most of the snow is done, and totals of 5-9" are widespread from Worcester to the Merrimack Valley to the city of Boston.  Plymouth County and Cape Ann have and best shot at closing in on a foot of snow.  Far northwestern Worcester County in SW New Hampshire, it’s more like 3-5".  

For many of us, it’s a much drier snow with cold air in place as temps drop into the lower 20s. Winds chills drop into the single digits.  Along the Plymouth County coast and Cape/Island, it is a wetter snow for awhile, and that, combined with the wind will lead to scattered power outages.  Even though the snow is drier for many of us, a gusty wind is still capable of knocking down some weakened tree branches from last storm.  Isolated outages are possible even away from the coast. 

Scattered snow showers are possible mid-week, but this is the biggest storm we deal with.  

Bitter cold settles in by Valentines Day.  Sunday starts off below 0!!!

Stay safe today! 

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