Snowbow.  I swear I didn’t make it up!  You know, a snowbow is like a rainbow, but with snow rather than rain.  Okay, I will admit that I did get it out of the Urban Dictionary – and before I even looked it up on the internet, it did come out of my crazy brain… but it could very well have been a reality in some areas today with the mixed bag of weather we saw across the eastern part of the state.  

I will say, the idea of a “snowbow” sounds less crazy to me than talking about the SAME storm system that we’ve had hanging around since Tuesday.  Yes, it’s STILL slowly pulling away, which is why many of us were reminded of what sunshine looks like today.  However, that SAME storm system is still keeping enough moisture wrapping through eastern Mass. on its backside to bring rain and snow showers throughout NE Mass for the better part of Saturday.  It wasn’t enough for much accumulation, but I did see a few pictures on Twitter of at least a coating on grassy surfaces and cars.  I even saw one report out of Danvers of snow AND sun… hence the title of this blog, “Snowbow.”  Crazier things have happened.

Now, believe it or not, this really is the last hurrah for this system.  It will continue to move out of the Gulf of Maine and head SE.  This will mean more clearing for us as it pulls its moisture away with it.  Drier weather is in store for everyone!  It’s like one of Oprah’s famous giveaways: “YOU get some sunshine!  YOU get some sunshine!  YOU ALSO will get some sunshine!”  We all win on Sunday with a mix of sun and clouds and an even brighter Monday in store!  

Highs on Sunday and Monday will be more seasonable for this time of year, and by “seasonable” I don’t mean you can put some salt and pepper on our weather “to taste” (I really did get an email from a viewer once, requesting I stop trying to “cook” our forecast).  “Seasonable” really means the kind of weather we would expect for this particular time of year… which, in December, usually means cold (highs around 40).

A lot of people have been asking if the mess out west will be making its way into our neighborhood.  It looks that way, with the storm re-strengthening as it moves into the Plains and Midwest Monday/Tuesday, but it doesn’t look too significant by the time it reaches us.  We will get some rain showers (and some wet snow showers) late Tuesday into Wednesday, but we saw worse with this last storm.  Temps around the same time frame will rise a bit (into the mid 40s), and this will mean rain rather than snow for most areas.

In the next week, there’s no sight of any significant storms – and even better news, no arctic air on the way in!  Enjoy the calmer stretch of weather we have before us this week… because things might get crazy as we get closer to Christmas.  We’ll have to wait and see!

Have a great weekend.  – Bri 

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