Meteorologically, this snow blitz is a thing of beauty to watch unfold and play out but as a homeowner/husband/father I think I’m done with snow. Here are some snow stats for you:

* In just the past 18 days, Boston has picked up 72.6″ of snow (our seasonal average is 44″)

* Yesterday’s storm puts this February as the 3rd snowiest February (40.9″) with #1 (2003) just .7″ ahead of this year. That record will fall.

* For the season, Boston has picked up 78.1″ of snow. That ranks as #9 for snowiest winters. Picking up 7″ of snow the rest of this winter will make this a top-5 snowiest winter. We need 29.5″of more snow to make this the all-time snowiest winter. Seeing how this is February 10th, I’d say it’s within reach.

* Worcester has seen 78.2″ in the past 18 days.

* For the season, Worcester has picked up 91.4″ of snow (snowiest winter is 132.9″)

That’s a lot of snow to shovel, plow and worry about. The most pressing concern is the weight of the snow on flat-top roofs. In many locations around metro Boston the current weight of snow on the flat-top roofs exceeds building code limits…meaning…if it’s safe, it’s time to get some snow off those roofs (pitched roofs are OK).

We have two more chances of snow over the next week. The first chance will be late Thursday afternoon-Friday morning as  a storm passes south of New England. As of now it appears to be a glancing blow to metro Boston with more of an impact on Cape Cod. On the Cape, the potential exists for 6 or more inches of snow. Less than that for metro Boston (and points north/west). The second chance of snow will be very late Saturday night (after date night) and into Sunday. Once again, a plowable snow is possible with the highest chance of significant snow across southeast Massachusetts and the Cape. Stay tuned.

Spring is 38 days away.


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