So close but yet it feels so far away…….Boston hitting 90. For the 2nd time this year with nearly got there yesterday with a high temp of 89. I think we can do it today though as Bermuda High Pressure will continue to do its thing…pumping hot, humid air into New England. In fact, not only will it be hot near the ground but also well up into the sky. This elevated heat will preclude any thunderstorm development this afternoon despite the fact that we hang near 90 later today. Much the same expected tomorrow (there will be a small chance of a late afternoon thunderstorm across far western New England).

As we get to Thursday, our weather becomes complicated. There will be two players on  the meteorological chess board…a cool front and a tropical storm. Yup, Arthur will form later today & head toward North Carolina. This cool front will actually help to deflect Arthur out to sea but in doing so will siphon some of Arthur’s moisture up into New England in the form of tropical downpours. Some towns may end up with 2-3″ of rain by late Friday night. As for location of these downpours, interior New England (west of I-95) is most likely to see them on Thursday  while coastal locations see just clouds/sun & some isolated showers (Cape Cod/Islands ekes out another beach day). Then on Friday the threat of tropical downpours will shift to eastern MA/RI (essentially east of I-95). Interior New England will see a lot of clouds but only isolated showers.

I do think the threat for rain tapers off by 8pm for metro Boston Friday night but the Esplanade is likely to have wet ground. Showers continue on Cape Cod well after midnight Friday night. Sunshine, low humidity and seasonal temps take hold by Saturday & for the rest of the Holiday Weekend.



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