Our summer of No Heat/Humidity rolls on! Truth be told it’s mainly just been August as June & July temp averages have been a smidge above normal despite the fact that we have seen no heat waves (Boston) and some towns haven’t even reached 90 once this year (Worcester)! August, though, has been cool–about a 2 degree average of running cooler than normal. Thankfully this below normal run of temps has not been accompanied by rain–as was the case in the lost summer of 2009. The air has simply been dry (read, no humidity) and cool.

No different this week as we start off with a couple of days loaded with sunshine (some clouds too), low humidity and seasonably cool afternoon temps…mid 70s. High Pressure is anchored up across southern Canada–our supplier of the cool/dry air–and will be with us for much of the week. Only on Wednesday & Thursday will an area of Low Pressure make a run at us with clouds (Wednesday) & then isolated showers (Thursday). Then we get back into partly sunny skies by late week & weekend thanks to more Canadian High Pressure.

Easy as that. Enjoy!


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