UNDATED (WHDH) — Specialist Neftali Gonzalez may be an American hero, but to a little boy, he’s just dad.

“It’s a good day for me to come back and see my family,” said Gonzalez

Gonzalez returned home early Thursday morning from a ten month tour of duty in Afghanistan. He decided to surprise his son Jayden at daycare.

His son has been waiting for this day ever since his dad deployed.

“Every day he asked for daddy. Now daddy’s home,” said Gonzalez’s wife, Alaina.

When he learned his return date, Gonzalez and his wife wanted to make it something special.

“It’s been a long, hard ten months and I wanted them to remember the end of it good. Surprising them, they’ll never forget this situation and how they feel when he walked through the door,” said Alaina.

Gonzalez surprised his daughters earlier in the day.

“I was really shocked. I just stood there like, oh my God. I didn’t know what to do,” said one of his daughters, Alexus.

“It was great. It was great to see all their faces. They were shocked. You’d thought they saw a ghost,” said Gonzalez.

Now, after almost a year of only being able to text or video chat a family is reunited.

“We are whole again, we are complete,” said Alaina.

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