Solve It 7 was hard at work in 2023, tackling all sorts of tough problems and getting results.

This year, we recovered tens of thousands of dollars for you–our viewers. Brandon Gunnoe takes a look back.

“Thank you, Solve it 7,” Sarah said.

For Sarah, we helped solve the mystery of “Who crashed into her car?” And got her the money she needed to pay for the damage.

“You really solved it,” Sarah said.

We tackled a pesky problem for David—when raccoons made a recurring appearance in his attic—even though he paid a critter company to remove them.

“We certainly didn’t get what we paid for,” David said.

But after we got involved, David got his money back.

“I want to say thank you Solve It 7,” David said.

Matt played guitar gigs but didn’t get paid until he emailed Solve It 7.

“Eight months of me trying and a couple of days of Solve It 7 trying, and look what happens. Thank you, Solve It 7,” Matt said.

Solve It Seven helped recover more than $170,000 for you, our viewers in 2023.

And we noticed many of you had similar problems that we want to help you prevent in 2024.

Like stolen checks:

Eric wrote a $1500 check—and put it in this South End mailbox.

Someone stole the check, changed the amount to $9500 then cashed it.

“I just, I couldn’t believe it,” Eric said.

When the bank balked about giving Eric his money back, we helped him get it.

“Thank you for my missing money,” Eric said.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you when you mail a check:

  • Use permanent ink
  • Mail it from a secure mailbox or post office
  • Never leave mail in your mailbox overnight

Not getting what you paid for is another top issue.

Melissa paid for a grocery delivery that never arrived. “I looked around. I said, ‘Where’s my groceries?’ Kind of stormed in the house, and I said to my husband, ‘There’s nothing out there.’”

When the company wouldn’t deliver her refund, Solve It 7 got it for her.

“You guys are awesome. Thank you so much,” Melissa said.

If you don’t get what you ordered: Dispute the charge with your bank, credit card, or the payment app you used to buy it.

Another big issue for people in 2023: purchase problems.

When Bryan and his partner’s relatively new television set went dark, they had trouble returning it.

“It just wouldn’t turn on anymore,” Bryan said.

The law says anything you buy must work for a reasonable amount of time.

Soon after we got involved, the couple got a new set.

“Thank you very much, Solve It 7,” Bryan said.

We’ll be standing by in the new year ready to help you!

Have a problem? Give us a call at 617-367-7777.

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