Anna Willdigg is proud of her Medford roots.

“Yeah, I was born in that house, I grew up there and I’ve owned the house 31 years,” she said.

But she knows living in a house with history can be expensive.

Anna said,” every 10 years I’ve had to replace a new air conditioner because they only last so long.”

This summer she went to a small appliance store and bought a new air conditioner to put in her bedroom.

She said, “between the AC and the installation it was about $1,500.

But once the new air conditioner was installed, she noticed a problem.

Anna said, “it was rattling away and I said something’s wrong with this AC. (The installer) said, no no no it’s the cage, it’s just rattling and I said no, there is something wrong.”

Anna says the metal cage has been there for years to keep the AC in place and make sure it doesn’t fall out.

“And throughout time, I’ve had that cage on it and it never made the rattling noise,” she says.

She contacted the store where she purchased the AC.

“They finally said well we can’t do anything you’ll have to call the manufacturer,” Anna says.

The manufacturer sent someone out to look at the problem.

Anna said, “he did hear the noises–he did say it was damaged.”

Anna says the repairman told her the AC was covered by a warranty and the company would be in touch with her about a replacement.

But she never heard from anyone.

After 2 months of her calls going unanswered anna got a little heated.

“I just kept calling and texting, taking pictures, and got nowhere–you know I felt like I was getting kicked around like a soccer ball,” she said.

She called Solve It 7 for some relief.

“The manufacturer seemed like they were doing nothing for me so that’s why I called,” she said.

We reached out to the AC manufacturer and they agreed to replace and install a new air conditioner for Anna – free of charge!

“Well I felt very satisfied that I could find somebody to give me some help; I couldn’t solve the problem on my own,” Anna says.

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