DEDHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - Gail Abdelnour is an experienced painter who gets inspiration from her travels.

“Everything I did came back to art. I have some work that I did from photographs that I took while I was in Egypt,” Gail says.

“l usually take a watercolor kit with me when I go places,” she adds.

In the last few years, she discovered a new passion for ceramic pottery.

Gail says, “I took a couple of ceramics courses because I always wanted to do that since I was a kid.

Before COVID hit, she rented studio space from a local art center.

“They’ve got potters wheels, they make the glazes, got kilns, then, of course, there’s space.
You’re around other artists, which for artists, it’s always nice to be in that environment.” Gail says.

Gail paid $500 for 10 weeks of studio time.

“I had just completed 4 weeks and they were like closing everything down,” Gail states.

When the art center eventually re-opened, Gail told the staff she didn’t feel comfortable returning until she was fully vaccinated.

She says, “the director said to come back when you’re ready, you’ve got credit here you can come back when you’re ready. Weeks turned into months into a year and a half or more and finally, we got the shots.”

Gail was finally ready to head back to the studio – but there was a problem!

“I couldn’t get my studio time and I couldn’t get my money back —this was a surprise to me of course because all along everything had been okay,” Gail says.

So she reached out to Solve It 7!

Gail says, “all I wanted was my studio time that I paid for, that was it.”

We contacted the art center and asked for an explanation.

“She called me immediately after speaking to you,” Gail says.

Days later the executive director gave Gail a refund for her unused studio time.

“Very accommodating, very pleasant and I was happy with the outcome —I’m super grateful to Solve It 7,” Gail says.

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