Megan Moloney knew she wanted to be surprised when it came to the gender of her first child, but that made picking out items for the nursery a bit tricky.

"I was trying to choose the theme for the baby’s room," Megan said. "We tried to do gender neutral."

Megan decided on ABCs with Dr. Seuss, and found great prices for the items she wanted on the website 

With her baby shower coming up, Megan set up an online registry on the website so her friends and family could order the items she wanted.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until October of last year, on the day of her shower. 

"I got a lot of stuff, but specifically from this website I got duplicate picture frames, peg board, a lampshade, a fleece blanket," Megan said.

Megan says she contacted The Boys Depot and the representative told her to return the items to the manufacturer. So she did, and she confirmed a few weeks later that the manufacturer received the items.

Megan says the manufacturer told her The Boys Depot had been refunded for the items, but she says her friends who purchased the items still hadn’t received their credit. 

"I have been calling. I have been emailing," Megan said. "No money back, no email return, no telephone call return. Nothing."

Silence! Megan says after six months she still had no response from The Boys Depot.

"I was at my wits’ end. I didn’t know what else to do, so I contacted Solve It 7," Megan said.

We emailed The Boys Depot, but after an initial response asking us for more details, the communication lines went silent. We tried to email and call the company several more times, but didn’t get a response. We then suggested that Megan file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

"Solve It 7 gave me additional ideas of routes that I hadn’t tried yet," Megan said.

Shortly after she filed the complaint, Megan’s two friends who ordered the duplicate items received an email from The Boys Depot promising them a refund, which they received a few weeks later.

The Boys Depot told us an employee, who doesn’t work there anymore, marked the return as completed by mistake after refunding a different customer named Megan, so the company thought the problem was resolved.

"It was a long road. It was a long road and I couldn’t have done it without Solve It 7," Megan said. 

Now Megan can focus on planning her daughter Kaylee’s first birthday party. 

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