(WHDH) — When you’re an only child, you develop a unique bond with your parents, as John McShea can attest.
“I said, ‘Would you like a daughter or something?'” says John’s father, Bob. “He goes, ‘No, I’m special!'”
Special is a great way to describe John and Bob’s relationship.
“Having such good parents helping me throughout my years and being able to return the favor is a gift,” says John.
Earlier this year, Bob was getting up from his sofa in his New Hampshire apartment when he lost his balance and fell.
“It really scared me to the core,” says Bob.
The 78-year-old suffered a serious head injury and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.
“Did you think you were going to lose your dad?” asks 7News’s Kris Anderson. “Yes,” John says.
He didn’t, thanks to the great care Bob received. He slowly began to recover and eventually went home.
“That relief was just huge,” says John.
But relief turned to shock when John got the ambulance bill for $616.
I’m looking at it and I’m like, ‘This seems a little extreme,'” John says.
The ambulance company told John not to worry. They said he’d receive an updated bill. But that one was even worse!
“I opened the bill up and my jaw dropped,” says John. Bob now owed more than $2,500.
He also got a note from the ambulance company’s billing department saying he would face legal action if the full amount wasn’t paid in 10 days. John needed a lifeline, so he called Solve it 7.
“Did they tell you why the bill went up almost two thousand dollars?” Kris asks. “Nope,” says John.
We contacted the billing company and a representative told us the account wasn’t accurate and was being investigated. A short time later, the company called the McSheas and told them because of all the mix-ups they didn’t have to pay a thing.
“At the end of the day my father had to pay zero,” John says.
Father and son are thankful this billing blunder is behind them!
“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,” John says. “You guys went above and beyond.”
“You guys are the best,” says Bob. “Short and sweet: you’re the best.”
Bob says he’s feeling better and his recovery continues.
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