Solve it 7: Boylston Stroller

BOYLSTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Known for its stunning beauty and famous residents like George and Amal Clooney, Lake Como is a picturesque jewel in northern Italy. It’s also one of Kim Grasso’s favorite places.

“You work every day and then you wanna go on vacation and spend time with your loved ones,” Kim said. “And relax a little.”

Earlier this year, the Boylston mother booked a summer trip for her family. Kim, her husband and their 2-year-old daughter Sienna, who has seen many parts of the world from her trusty stroller, including two trips to Italy.

“I use the stroller a lot,” she said. “Because I have a lot of stuff. I have diaper bags, mom stuff.”

Kim says she spent more than $700 on the stroller and brought it on board with them when they left Logan Airport bound for Italy. They were told they had to check it as luggage during a layover in London, but when they got to Italy it was gone.

“We get there, there’s no stroller,” she said. “We’re looking around, there’s no stroller.”

Ciao Italy, but arrivederci to the stroller.

Kim says they spent hours at the airport trying to get answers from the airline.

“I just wanted my stroller,” Kim said. But tired from their flight and anxious to get on with their vacation, they filed a missing claim and left the airport without it, figuring the stroller would be delivered to them when it arrived. Only it never showed up. Ten days later, when Kim and her family boarded the plane to fly home, they still didn’t have their expensive stroller.

“We called [when we got back]. [They said], ‘Oh yes, we have your stroller, it’s in Milan.’ A week later, after they say they’re gonna send it to you, ‘Well, mope, we made a mistake. Your stroller is in London.'”

Kim spent months calling and emailing the airline trying to get her stroller back or at least a refund, but neither happened. After more than two months, Kim had still made no progress with the airline. So she reached out to Solve It 7.

We went straight to the airline. After looking into the case, the representative told us they were unable to locate the stroller, so they agreed to reimburse Kim.

The next day, she received an email requesting her banking numbers in order to transfer the money. It went back into her account, along with an apology from the company.

“I was surprised!” Kim says. “I didn’t know you guys were that good…Solve It 7 saved the situation.”

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