It started with a crash, a smash, and then a call for help. See how Solve It 7 fixed one family’s broken phone predicament. 

Nick loves high school sports and working out at the gym.

“I just like the feeling you get exercising,” Nick said.

But he didn’t like the feeling of what happened at the gym recently when he put his phone on the floor. 

“I placed my phone down a safe distance away. I was doing my exercise pushing my arms down like this,” Nick said.

Then the machine broke. 

“The arm comes down and it slashes the side of the phone. The whole screen is messed up. There’s like green lines, blue lines, all types of things. It was like unusable,” Nick said.

Nick showed his mom the phone. 

“It wasn’t his fault that happened,” Alysia said.

The phone was insured. But there was still a price to pay.

“Since it was a $200 deductible, that wasn’t free,” Alysia said.

They asked the gym to cover it, but got sent to the showers.

“We will not reimburse you for that. We only reimburse for bodily damage,” Alysia said.

That got Alysia pumped up, so she called Solve It 7.  

We contacted a gym manager who gave Nick a $200 credit toward his membership.

The manager told us, “Thank you for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to look into this situation…and assist our member with an amicable resolution.”

Now Nick has a working phone and he’s psyched it all worked out.

“Thank you guys. You were super helpful and solved this case,” Nick said.

“Thank you very much. I think what you guys do is such a great service,” Alysia said.

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