Solve It 7: Broken Xbox One

He’s only 15 years old, but Leo Folan has been a musician since he was in the 4th grade. Lately Leo has had plenty of extra time to practice because of a big problem with his other passion: video games!

“It was my baby,” Leo said.

Leo’s beloved Xbox One stopped working this past February, less than three months after he bought it.

“It just kept turning to this green screen and I couldn’t use it,” Leo said.

The avid gamer contacted Microsoft, who makes the Xbox One, to try and figure out what was wrong. But when the troubleshooting didn’t work, Leo shipped it to the company to have it fixed.

“I put some foam on it, wrapped it in some bubble wrap, put it in the box, sealed it up, and sent it,” Leo said.

Leo says he received a couple of emails from Microsoft confirming that the console arrived at the service center and the technicians were looking into it.

“It seemed all normal,” Leo said. “I didn’t think anything was wrong.”

Until he got the Xbox One back about a week later.

“I open it up and there’s this letter telling me that they didn’t fix it and it was tampered with,” Leo remembered.

The letter wasn’t specific, but said the console had been “…opened, modified, or tampered with” and because of that the warranty was voided.

Determined to prove he didn’t tamper with the Xbox One, Leo and his mother, Paula, got to work.

“I contacted Microsoft via chat, and I had two separate chat sessions, which didn’t go too far. Maybe three days later, I received an email that said all avenues were exhausted, it was out of warranty,” Paula said.

As far as the company was concerned it was game over, but Paula wasn’t ready to give up.

“I knew my son didn’t do anything wrong,” she said.

Paula needed help, so she reached out to Solve it 7.

We called Microsoft and explained the Folan’s problem. The representative said they would look into the case and then reach out to Paula. A few days later, they did.

“They did offer to look at it one more time,” Paula said.

The Folans sent the Xbox One back to Microsoft, and then got another email.

“They said that it didn’t appear to be tampered with inside and that they would send a replacement unit,” Paula said.

After weeks of waiting Leo got his Xbox One back and this time it worked!

“It’s a great relief. I’m glad we pursued it, and I’m glad we called Solve it 7,” Paula said.

A Microsoft spokesperson gave us this statement, “We are committed to ensuring all customers have a positive experience with their Xbox One console and diligently work with customers on an individual basis to ensure their issues are resolved appropriately.”

“Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you, this probably wouldn’t have happened,” Paula said.

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