A frozen pipe led to a flood of trouble for a Woburn woman.

When her insurance company left her feeling iced out, she contacted Solve It 7.  Brandon Gunnoe has the story.  

For months Corinne has tip-toed over nails, stripped floors with cracking boards nd no water in her kitchen. 

“It was awful,” Corinne said. 

It all started this past winter when a pipe froze and burst in her kitchen.

Water gushed through the floor down to her basement.

“The water came from the dishwasher, and essentially all rushed this way. It was like a swimming pool in here,” Corinne said. 

 Corinne was heartbroken. She worked overtime as an ICU nurse to buy her house.

“I worked so hard to do this,” Corinne said. 

 She put in a claim with her insurance company, got a contractor, and sent his estimate to her company.

“They declined the estimate and said this isn’t detailed enough,” Corinne said. 

They would only give her $20,000, which she says wasn’t enough to cover the repairs.  

“I was so mad because I was like this isn’t right. I just want my kitchen back. I just want my dining room,” Corinne said. 

She says she kept calling to clarify the estimate but felt like her claim was frozen too.

“The amount of times I was leaving messages calling, emailing with no response. I mean, that was probably weeks of my life calling every single day,” Corinne said. 

Finally, she contacted Solve It 7. 

“I was like, on the verge of tears. I’m like, ‘I can’t live like this anymore,'” Corinne said. 

We contacted the insurance company.

They gave Corinne $10,000 more dollars, enough to fix her house.

A company representative told us they were happy to hear a resolution was reached and said thank you for reaching out about her claim. 

“Without you guys, I’d still be living like this. I want to say thank you. I could cry. I feel just so thankful,” Corinne said.  

And we’re thankful we could help. Are you in a flood of trouble?

Give us a call at 617-367-7777. 

Or email us at SolveIt7@whdh.com 

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