Solve It 7: Bygone Belongings

(WHDH) — Lynda and Scott Garieri loved spending time with her brother, John.

“If you knew John, he always had a fire fighter’s hat on. Yeah, he was kind of a funny guy, he had a sense of humor,” Scott and Lynda said.

Despite several health problems, he always seemed to bounce back.

Lynda said, “He was not a healthy guy, he had a brain aneurism and survived, he had some open-heart surgeries and survived. I used to call him the energizer bunny. He was the guy with more than 9 lives, that was kind of our joke.”

But last fall John was in a rehab facility recovering from a blood infection when he came down with COVID.

He was taken to the hospital where he died.

“It was pretty devastating,” Scott said.

Even more devastating when Lynda learned she couldn’t collect her brother’s things.

Lynda said, “you know trying to retrieve his belongings has been a real nightmare.”

She says the hospital told her John didn’t have any personal items when he was admitted, and the rehab facility told her they couldn’t locate any of his belongings.

“And that’s when Scott said you’re not getting anywhere with this I’m going to call Solve It 7,” said Lynda.

We contacted the rehab facility and explained Lynda was her brother’s healthcare proxy and she had the legal right to retrieve his belongings.

Lynda said, “that’s when things started to happen.”

A few days later, Lynda received word that her brother’s hat, watch, and phone had all been found–giving her some peace.

“I’m going to say that it probably wouldn’t have happened without your help, honestly I wasn’t getting anywhere,” Lynda said.

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