Heavy traffic, road construction, and foul weather are all things that Amanda Freehoff is used to dealing with.

"I drive constantly. Every single day, all day long," Amanda said.

The social worker spends a lot of time behind the wheel – both for her job, and for trips to visit her family.

"On May 10th, on Mother’s Day this year, I was actually driving to go see my mom," Amanda said.

Shortly after leaving her house, Amanda says the vehicle next to her started coming over into her lane.

"I was right there screaming out the window, and she just kept coming. Tore my mirror off," Amanda said.

Amanda and the other driver pulled over. The police arrived and filled out a report. Because it was a state owned vehicle that hit Amanda’s car, she and her insurance company had to both file claims with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which they did. About a month later Amanda received an email from the Attorney General’s office.

"They received my claim and that they would hand it off, and I would get a courtesy letter that was sent to the agency involved," Amanda said.

Amanda says that letter never came so she called the Attorney General’s office, but didn’t hear back. Neither did her insurance company. 

"Having someone get hit and have their mirror taken off doesn’t seem like a bid deal to them, but it really affects my life and what I do for a living," Amanda said.

Amanda’s claim was stuck in a virtual traffic jam. Unsure of where to turn next, she decided to reach out to Solve It 7.

We looked into Amanda’s problem, emailed the Attorney General’s office, and explained the situation. A week later, Amanda received the letter she’d been waiting for.

"Then I was in contact with that agency, and that wouldn’t have happened without you guys," Amanda said.

Eventually she also received a check for more than $1,400 to get her car fixed. 

"Definitely really happy and have been telling everyone, if they have an issue call 7," said Amanda.

Are you dealing with a road block of your own? Maybe we can help you switch gears and find a solution. Give us a call at 617-367-7777 or send us an email at SolveIt7@whdh.com.

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