A New Hampshire couple says they paid for some home improvements but ended up with a carpet crisis. When they couldn’t get their floor coverings fixed, they contacted Solve It 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story. 

Shredded strands of carpet on these stairs are a constant reminder of Richard Hill’s home improvement headache.    

“They did a rotten job,” Richard said. 

Richard and his wife Michele paid about $2300 to carpet much of their home, including Richard’s music room.

But they say this is what the installers left: Dirty carpet, a broken door, and an unfinished job.

“Crazy,” Richard said. 

The couple says they called the store where they bought the carpet and the installers several times but couldn’t get their problems fixed.

“They ignored us,” Richard said. 

Refusing to give up, they reached out to Solve It 7. 

The store didn’t ignore us when we called.  A representative apologized and gave the couple a full refund.  

Now Richard is no longer playing the blues. 

“Love you guys. Thank you very much for showing up and doing what you done. Made our life better, happier, peaceful,” Richard said. 

Do you have a problem that’s left you floored? We’ve got you covered. 

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