One of the best parts about a vacation is being able to get away and unwind.

For Jack Pedrick vacation is all about the great outdoors.

“Maine, Vermont, especially the Berkshires; it’s beautiful out there. We like to go to different campgrounds,” Jack said.

He and his wife got an RV 8 years ago to travel the country.

He said, “it’s almost like a mini-camp, you can go anywhere.”

But as time passed, Jack was getting concerned about cleaning snow off the RV.

“I’m getting too old to get up on the roof,” he said.

So he purchased a metal RV cover last year.

Jack said, “you just drive it under and there would be no snow on it.”

He put down a deposit and the company promised to install it within 10 weeks.

Jack said, ” I put down like $1300 for it and that got the ball rolling.”

The seasons changed, winter came, but the cover didn’t.

“That’s when I started getting worried,” he said.

Jack tried contacting the company, “I never heard anything for weeks on end from anybody.”

He said,”I’ve just had it like, come on how does 8 to 10 weeks turn into a year. That’s when I got my computer out and starting writing to Solve It 7.”

We contacted the company and they said there was an unexpected delay in service.

But they promised Jack’s RV cover would be installed in the next 2 weeks or he would get a full refund.

Jack said, “you guys like rocked the boat or something.”

The cover was installed quickly and the company gave Jack a $300 discount!

He said, “I wasn’t crying, but I was close, that it was here–I just couldn’t believe that they were here.”

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