Solve It 7: Condo Damage

When Maggie Wong bought her condo in Brighton, she never expected it would lead to a flood of problems. 

"It wasn’t a small leak. The pipe burst and there was water to clean up,” Maggie said.

Back in February, the dry wall wasn’t dry at all. A pipe that serviced the whole building burst, causing lots of damage in Maggie’s unit.

The property management company for the condo complex, Janek, paid for the pipe to get fixed, but what about the mess?

Maggie figured the master insurance policy that covers the condo complex would pay for the damages, but she ran into problems.

She said when she called the insurance company for the condo complex she was told Janek never filed a claim.

"I felt like abandoned. It should be something they’re responsible for, but I have zero support from them," said Maggie. 

After talking to Maggie, the insurance company started a claim and an adjustor came out to check the damage.  

When Maggie found out the claim had been paid, she tried to reach Janek’s owner to see when she’d be getting her check.

"I’ve sent her numerous emails. I’ve called her office, she’s either in a meeting or always out of office," said Maggie.

Frustrated and wanting answers, Maggie reached out to Solve It 7.

We called the owner of Janek who got in touch with Maggie the very next day.

"I got an email from her saying that she will be receiving check from insurance company and then as soon as she receives it she will issue it to me," said Maggie. 

A few weeks later her check arrived in the mail.

The owner of Janek Property Management told us: "It was an incredibly harsh winter and insurance claims faced an unprecedented backlog. For property managers, this was the worst devastation in Massachusetts in the 
past 30 years."

"I don’t know when I would get reimbursed or if I would get reimbursed," said Maggie. "So I appreciate Solve It 7. You guys are lifesavers."

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