It’s a real “who dunnit.” An Abington family asks Solve It 7 to find out who damaged their daughter’s car. Brandon Gunnoe is on the case.

Sarah Campbell’s convertible is her pride and joy.

“Oh, I love this car,” Sarah said.

“I saved for like a year and a half to be able to afford the down payment.”

So when Sarah got off the T in Quincy one snowy night and found her convertible like this she was crushed, just like her bumper!

“I saw the bumper completely lopsided on the ground. I was furious. I was heartbroken. I was just beside myself. I was like looking around for someone to come up and be like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry.’ I looked for a note. There was nothing,” Sarah said.

The UMass Boston student didn’t have collision insurance, so she needed to find who caused the damage to get them to pay for repairs.

I thought I was gonna have to pay for this all out of pocket.

Sarah contacted the MBTA police hoping to get answers.

When she got their report it said an officer reviewed MBTA surveillance video and saw a Bobcat used for snow removal hit her car.

But the information about who owned that Bobcat was blacked out!

“We called we asked for the unredacted report. They’re like, ‘We can’t give that to you.’ I was shaking at points with anger,” Sarah said.

At a dead end, Sarah’s mom turned to Solve It 7.

“I was pretty, pretty upset for her. “I’ve seen you be very responsive in situations like this,” Donna Campbell said.

We contacted the MBTA. And soon after, the snow removal company responsible for the crash called Sarah.

“They were profusely apologizing,” Sarah said.

A rep. for that company told us: “…we were sorry to hear about the accident” and “…once we were informed we quickly initiated a plan for prompt repairs.”

They sent Sarah this check to cover the damage.

“Thank you Solve it 7. You really solved it,” Sarah said.

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