Trish loves the summer.

She’s spent years on Cape Cod enjoying the sun and she had the freckles on her hands to prove it.

“When you spend a lot of time in the sun, it happens,” Trish said.

She was hoping a series of laser treatments at a Med Spa would make them vanish.

Trish said, “I’m just trying to be the best version of me that I can be.”

But she didn’t expect the treatment to do this, “I got burned,” she said.

Her hands turned red and blistered.

Trish said, “it was really sore.”

She wanted answers about what happened to her.

“I got really angry,” Trish said.

She called and emailed the Med Spa and even went back in person.

“I said, well, I think I’d like a refund and she said, ‘Well, you’re not going to get a refund. You got your services.’ And I said to her, did you see the photographs of my hand, ” Trish said.

Feeling like her hands were tied, Trish decided to contact Solve It 7.

We reached out to the Med Spa.

They told us that their treatments are provided by highly trained medical experts.

But they admit there can be an adverse reaction in select cases.

After we got involved the Med Spa agreed to give Trish her money back–all $1,100.

“It was the fastest response I’ve had in a long time,” Trish said.

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