Solve It 7: Cycling Strife

NATICK, MASS. (WHDH) - Neonatal ICU nurse Christine Ordway has a tough job – made more challenging by the pandemic, so to de-stress, the frontline worker said she rides her Peloton bike.

“I get on it (and) you forget about everything except what you’re doing,” said Christine.

Christine said she bought the bike after coworkers told her about it.

“(I) wanted something new,” said Christine. “You always like to change your fitness routine and once I got on, I can’t stop now.”

But two months later, Christine heard Peloton was offering a deal for what some were calling a better bike.

“People were talking about bike upgrades — a new, improved bike called the Bike Plus,” said Christine.

Christine reached out to Peloton about upgrading. She said her understanding was that the company would come to pick up her old bike and deliver the new one. She said she thought she would only be responsible for payments on the new bike.

“When they delivered the new bike, they took the old bike away,” said Christine.

But Christine soon hit a big bump.

“I got billed from the finance company for two bikes: my original bike and my second bike,” said Christine.

Christine called the company. She said a representative told her the problem would be corrected within a month or two.

But fall turned to winter and she was still being double billed.

“Who in their right mind would pay for two bikes and only have one bike?,” said Christine, who turned to Solve It 7 for help.

We contacted Peloton and found out there had been a major miscommunication.

A company representative said Christine made her trade outside the 30-day return window on her first bike. When that happens, it means the person has to finish paying off the bike they are replacing and pay for the new bike as well.

But Peloton stepped up big to help Christine and worked out a deal in which she doesn’t owe any more on the original bike she traded-in.

“All of a sudden I got a text message that said, ‘Your account is credited,” said Christine. “Solve It 7 got it done!”

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