Peter Wyman and his wife love The Cape – and the new home they’ve built there.

“She has been adding pieces of furniture as we’ve been here,” Peter said. 

His wife was searching for a certain piece – and eventually found it at a specialty furniture store.

Peter said, “my wife was basically looking for a chest that would round out the room, the piece was in stock– known for good quality and we thought good service and placed our order at the very end of January of this year.” 

The chest cost $1,800. 

The Wyman’s put down 50% as a deposit.

“And it was advertised to be available within 13 weeks,” Peter said. 

But when they hadn’t heard from the company 3 months later they got concerned.

Peter said, “we reached out in April, just curious where we are with this chest and when will it be delivered–they said well probably in another month.”

After another 30 days with no delivery, they knew something was wrong.

Peter said, “we were the ones that were constantly and proactively having to contact the company; they kept telling her each time that it would be another 30 days.”

The company blamed the delivery delay on COVID but promised they were working to fulfill the order. 

“So this went on for May, June, and July–at that point, we felt that we were just getting the runaround and that’s when I called Solve It 7.”

We contacted the company and were promised the chief of operations would reach out to the Wymans.

Peter said, “miraculously the piece was delivered to our house 9 days later. My wife has already got it well decorated– it would not have happened this fast and this efficiently unless we got to Solve It 7 involved. 

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