A Lynnfield man works an extra job to support his family. Then high-tech thieves swiped his hard-earned money. So, he asked Solve It 7 to help get it back.

Rob loves having a second job delivering take-out food. 

“I enjoy the people, interacting with people. It’s good extra money,” Rob said. 

And every bit helps because Rob has two kids in college and two in high school.

“It’s not cheap,” Rob said. 

Rob works for a food delivery app and gets paid with a pay card – which works like a debit card.

“You can take money out of the bank and pay bills with it,” Rob said. 

But thieves somehow got access to Rob’s pay card.

“They were able to change my password and basically lock me out of my account,” Rob said. 

Soon his account was hit with charges and withdrawals Rob says he didn’t make.

He was out $3300. 

He kept calling the delivery app asking for help. 

“It was almost an hour on the phone every single time. It was so frustrating. I was almost in tears. I was so mad,” Rob said. 

Rob needed someone to deliver for him.

So, he contacted Solve It 7. 

“You were my last-ditch effort I literally had given up,” Rob said. 

We emailed the company and a representative thanked us for escalating the situation.

The company refunded all of Rob’s money.

“I can’t believe it. There’s no chance I would have got my money if I didn’t call you guys. I want to say to Solve It 7 thank you so much. There are people out there that care,” Rob said. 

Have a problem that’s driving you crazy? Let us try to help.

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