PLYMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - It started as a mystery for one couple: why weren’t they getting their packages? Once they figured it out they needed Solve It 7’s help. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

Paul and Kristin bought a new house on a new street in Plymouth.

“We were very happy to live here,” Paul said.  

Then they started buying new stuff from a popular online store.  

“And then, when it said it was delivered, we looked outside, nothing outside,” Paul said.  

“I would reach out to neighbors saying, ‘Did it accidentally get delivered to your house?'” Kristin said.

The couple asked for help on their neighborhood’s Facebook group.

“One of our other neighbors that’s lived here longer said, ‘Listen, we’ve had the same problem. There are similar addresses in another town; your order is probably in the other town,'” Paul said.  

The couple did some online detective work and discovered their packages were being delivered to another town: To a home in Carver, 20 miles away from Plymouth.

It had the same house number and a similar street name.

“We were kind of surprised,” Paul said.  

They say they kept calling the retailer about their detoured deliveries.

“We had tried the phone calls. We tried the chat. We tried the emails. Every single time we contact them. No joke, 40 or 50 times they said it’s taken care of. Don’t worry about it. Reorder it, and you’ll get it. Never, never, never changed,” Paul said.  

The couple tracked down the woman in Carver who was getting their packages and sent her a message.

“I think the first thing was we live in a different town. We have very similar addresses. I think you may have some of our packages,” Paul said.  

“She said, ‘Oh yeah I have it right here. I’ll hold onto it.’ Oh, she was awesome,” Kristin said.

Paul and Kristin say they drove to Carver more than 15 times to pick up different deliveries: A treadmill. Light switches.  Laundry detergent.

“Frustration pure frustration,” Kristin said.

Trying to put the frustration behind them, they emailed Solve it 7, and we helped deliver their message.  

A representative for the retailer told us:

“We’d like to thank 7 News for bringing this customer’s experience to our attention. We apologized and fixed the glitch in our map system.”

Now Paul, Kristin, and the homes on their street are getting their deliveries.

“Thank you very much. We appreciate all the effort and hard work,” Paul said.  

“It’s been awesome working with Solve It 7, and they’ve really helped us,” Kristin said.

The store also sent Paul and Kristin a $200 gift card.

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