Solve It 7: Diploma Dilemma

Ever since she was a little girl, Abbey Lake has been a people person who loves helping others.

“Even as a child she used to go after the underdog, the one that nobody else wanted to hang out with,” says her mom, Laurie.

As she got older, Abbey realized she wanted to make a career out of that passion.

“Initially I was in the nursing program for my undergrad and then about halfway through, I realized I had a real interest in psychology,” says Abbey.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree from Worcester State, Abbey enrolled at Assumption College to pursue her Masters.

“They’re actually one of the top programs in the country for clinical psych,” says Abbey.

After two and a half years of hard work and lots of studying, Abbey graduated this past December. She was supposed to get her diploma at her school’s graduation ceremony in May, until COVID happened.

“So that kind of got put on hold,” she says.

With the school closed because of the pandemic, students were unable to get their diplomas.

“My main focus was just starting work in the field,” Abbey says.

She applied for several jobs and heard back from potential employers. But there was a problem. They wanted to see a copy of her diploma, which Abbey didn’t have. She called the school looking for help.

“They told me that they can write a letter for me that’s official letter signed by them, but that they couldn’t send out the actual diploma until further notice,” she says.

The letter wasn’t enough. The employers wanted to see the degree.

“I just want my diploma so I can start working,” Abbey said.

Despite several calls and emails to the school, Abbey’s diploma dilemma continued. That’s when mom stepped in.

“She sent the email out [to Solve It 7],” Abbey says. “[She] was like, ‘Guess what?’ And I’m like, ‘Mom, you didn’t!'”

We contacted the school about Abbey’s tough situation and were told the graduation ceremony has been rescheduled for August, but they are working with individual students who need their diplomas now and would reach out to Abbey.

A couple days later, her diploma arrived, putting a big smile on her face and a few tears in her mother’s eyes.

“They are so awesome,” she says of her school. “And thank you to you guys for making this happen…I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

Days after getting her diploma, Abbey received several job offers and is now working as a primary therapist, fulfilling her dream of helping others.

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