Solve It 7: Disappearing Gym Dues

ATTLEBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - From cardio to kettlebells and everything in between, finding that perfect gym can be a weighty decision. For many, it’s more than just a place to exercise.

“It is that community of friends and family that you meet there,” says Debra Boynton, of Attleboro.

Debbie found that perfect place that combined friends, family and fitness at a gym near her home.

“The location was perfect…parking’s perfect,” says Debra. “There was a particular class for restorative yoga that I very much enjoyed.”

Debbie was so impressed that she paid for her annual membership upfront: $440 for 12 months of friends, family and fitness. But just two months into the deal, Debbie’s wonderful workouts hit a wall. Her gym was closed, the front doors locked.

An employee told Debbie the closure was only temporary, but after about two weeks she got an email from the gym, saying they were going to be teaming up with another facility in Mansfield. Debbie’s location would remain closed.

“There’s been no communication as to what happened,” she says.

Not wanting to switch to a new gym, Debbie spent the next few months calling and emailing the owner to get her refund, since she had pre-paid for the entire year.

“It was radio silent,” she says.”

Frustrated by the lack of response and wanting her money back, Debbie realized she needed help and called Solve It 7.

We were able to get in touch with one of the gym’s co-owners who told us he was unaware of Debbie’s problem getting a refund from his partner. He assured us he would make sure she got her money back. A couple of weeks later, Debbie received a check for the pro-rated amount of $349.90. It was the refund she had been waiting for.

“The dollar amount was never the issue,” she says. “I really just felt that it would be right of them to take care of this and ultimately they did.”

And she’s thankful to Solve It 7 for helping to resolve this fitness fiasco.

“What you’re doing is absolutely helping people,” she says. “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

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