Anne Marie Mooney likes to spend her afternoon taking care of the plants and flowers that bloom in her sunroom.

It’s a laid back activity compared to the job she had back in the 1970’s.  Anne Marie was one of the country’s first female postal inspectors.

“I was a Federal Agent,” she remembers.  “I had a gun and a badge… and we arrested people for mail fraud.”

After five years on the job, Anne Marie said she traded in her gun and badge for a pen and gavel; to serve as president of the Boston and New Hampshire chapters of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

She said the awards she received for years of service meant a lot to her. Especially one wooden plaque she was given that had a gavel on it. 

About two years ago, Anne Marie and her late husband decided to sell their home.

While cleaning and boxing things up, Anne Marie’s plaques accidentally ended up in the donation pile. 

“I was so upset and disappointed,” she said.  “I wanted them back.”

Determined to track them down, Anne Marie said she and a friend spent months calling around to different Salvation Army and Goodwill locations trying to find her precious plaques.

No luck. They were gone… so they stopped looking.

Anne Marie had given up hope… until she was watching a Solve It 7 segment one night.  

She decided to call our team.

It had been three years since Anne Marie’s trophies were accidentally donated.

We called the Salvation Army and Goodwill, but as expected, the plaques were too tough to track down.

Determined to solve Anne Marie’s problem, we made another call.

This time, to the Certified Fraud Examiners… and after talking to the representative we were able to come up with the next best solution.

The company that made the award with the gavel was no longer in business, but The ACFE sent us something special for Anne Marie.  

A beautiful crystal trophy and a letter of appreciation. 

Anne Marie was beaming when she was presented with the award.

She has some advice for people who have been at their whit’s end… “The last place you can turn is to Solve It 7.  I’m very grateful to you,” she said, smiling.

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