Solve It 7: Dryer Dilemma

BEVERLY, MASS. (WHDH) - Robert Desjardins loved to spend time with his wife Lee in their garden.

“This was one of her gardens, here. I put these in because we thought at the time, early in her diagnosis that she might be able to get around with a cane in the yard,” Robert said.

Lee suffered from ALS but her condition worsened last year.

Daughters Danyelle and Michelle, and son-in-law Chad helped Robert care for her in her final months.

“Her health was failing very quickly, and my father was the sole caregiver,” Michelle said.

To try to make things easier for Robert, the family bought a stackable washer and dryer unit for the main floor of the house so the 80-year-old wouldn’t have to keep going up and down the stairs to do laundry.

“We had it professionally delivered and we had the old washing machine taken away,” Chad said.

But it was clear, something was wrong with the dryer.

Chad said, “the dryer would turn on and make a horrible buzzing noise and then turn off.”

Chad called the store to have the technician come fix the problem. But despite several visits and replacement parts, the dryer still wasn’t working properly.

So, the family reached out to Solve It 7.

“Things started to happen within 36 hours,” Chad said.

We contacted the manufacturer and the store.

Since the dryer couldn’t be fixed, the store issued a full refund.

“So, they sent the money back in the form of a check–$1,480 total,” Chad said.

Chad used that money to buy another washer and dryer unit at a different store.

“So, my father-in-law could get his laundry done,” he said.

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