Solve It 7: East Boston drycleaner debacle

BOSTON (WHDH) - Gary Riedel-Gaudet loves living in East Boston.

“We have a dog, so we walk him, pretty much all over. Then you’ve got the big park down here, you’ve got the water and the airport you can walk by, so it’s really a beautiful neighborhood,” Gary said.

There’s everything he could need or almost everything.

Gary said, “when we moved to Eastie there was no dry cleaner that we could find.”

Then, a local store opened up with an offer that was almost too good to believe!

“They offered a lifetime dry cleaning pass for $500 which we thought was a great deal,” Gary said.

That’s right, $500 for a lifetime worth of crisp and clean clothes!

Gary and his husband paid for a pass, but soon COVID struck.

The pandemic hit businesses hard, and the dry cleaner could no longer afford to honor the deal.

Gary said, “they were no longer going to validate the lifetime pass.”

The company agreed to give Gary a refund; $500 minus the cost of his recent dry-cleaning orders.

He said, “it’s about $370 that we’re still owed”

But Gary never got any money back.

“We have not heard any new information or received any type of communication back from them,” Gary said.

After months of phone calls and text messages going unanswered, Gary felt pressed!

So, he contacted Solve It 7.

We reached out to the dry-cleaning company and a representative told us they would talk to Gary directly.

Gary said, “we have heard back from them finally, and we were able to get our refund.”

Which ironed out this dry-cleaning dilemma.

“We’re so glad that you guys were able to get involved and help us,” he said.

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