(WHDH) — A local woman got an electric bill shocker and says when she couldn’t get answers, she got amped up. Hoping to shed some light on the situation, she called Solve It 7.

Tricia does all she can to save on her electric bill.  

“We shut off all the lights. I don’t leave anything on when I’m not home,” Tricia said. 

She even had solar panels installed.

“It actually brought my bill down quite a bit,” Tricia said.

So she was shocked when she opened her mailbox in March.

She found a stack of bills from her electric company. 

“I was very confused,” Tricia said.

She got 15 different bills for different dates and different amounts.

The highest bill was for more than $1500, an amount Tricia says she could not afford. 

“I was kind of in a panic,” Tricia said.

She called the electric company hoping some wires were crossed.

“Nobody had any idea what was going on,” Tricia said.

Trying not to blow a fuse, she called Solve It 7.

We contacted the electric company. In a flash, they fixed Tricia’s power problem. 

“I was like, ‘Oh hey! They actually, you know they got back to me,'” Tricia said.

Turns out there was a billing mix-up after a new meter was installed at her house. 

The company told Tricia to ignore the 15 bills and another bill for more than 18-hundred dollars that was on its way. 

“She goes, ‘I want you to rip it up.’ She goes, ‘We’re just gonna wipe everything clean. We’re starting over,’ she said, ‘This was a huge mess on our part.’ Thank you so much. This was huge.”

If you’re getting amped up over a problem, you can’t solve maybe we can shed some light. 

Send an email to solveit7@whdh.com  or give us a call at 617-367-7777.

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