HALIFAX, MASS. (WHDH) - A Halifax couple needed some quick cash — so they hired a company to handle two estate sales. But they never got their cut… until Solve It 7 stepped in. 

Andrea Hay has special memories of her childhood home. ​

“We started a greenhouse business, and a farm stand,” said Andrea. 

It was a tough decision to downsize and sell the house.  

“It was very hard. I knew it was going to be very hard to sell my house,” said Andrea. 

Andrea and her husband, Jeffrey, just settled into a new place that needs some serious TLC. They brought in an estate sale company to sell some family treasures, hoping to cover some of their renovation expenses.

“Beautiful dishes, antique furniture, all kinds of stuff like that were being sold. It was heartbreaking, heartbreaking to watch all the heirlooms walk out the door. I was counting on that money to help with the repairs,” said Andrea. 

The estate sale company said it would keep 30 percent of the profits. Andrea and Jeffrey would get the rest.

“He also said he was going to send an itemized checklist of everything he did sell so we knew what was sold and how much he got for it and all that stuff,” said Andrea. 

The Hays were told they’d get a check for about $3,000 within three weeks. But two months later, they were still waiting for their money.

“Every day I go out to that mailbox… Nothing,” said Jeffrey. 

“He just kept promising and promising that he’d send it, but he never did. I was getting very aggravated,” said Andrea. 

So, the Hays turned to Solve It 7.

“We watch Channel 7 religiously,” said Jeffrey.

“I see you on TV helping people to get money and I knew without help, I would not see the money,” said Andrea. 

Solve It 7 reached out to the company. They tell us there were some unexpected delays, but the check is on its way.

“A big relief… we can start having work done,” said Andrea. 

Now the couple can start to focus on building memories in their new home.

“Thank you so much for your help, I so appreciate it,” said Andrea. 

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