Carrie Gustafson has been making glass artwork for more than 20 years.

“They’re really beautiful,  it’s incredibly rewarding–love it still every single day,” she said.

She’s created a successful business by selling her colorful creations.

“And I got picked up 2 or 3 years ago by a really, top tier glass gallery in the United States,” Carrie said.

Last fall, one of her pieces was on display at an exhibit in South Carolina.

She said, “my gallery, which has professional glass packers packed the piece (and) shipped it.”

But her piece didn’t sell, so it needed to be shipped back to her.

Carrie said, “I get nervous shipping things, so I wanted to make sure they had the right box and the right packing materials.”

When the box arrived, “the piece was broken and none of the precautions were taken to ensure safe travel. The most upsetting thing was that the way they shipped it was just so careless,” Carrie said.

Carless and costly!

The piece was priced at $14,000.

“They said to me that it was a shipping claim and they were hands-off and it was my responsibility,” Carrie said.

The gallery in South Carolina stopped returning Carrie’s calls when she asked to be reimbursed for the damaged art.

“Very frustrating,” she said.

Feeling broken Carrie called Solve It 7!

“I know Solve It 7 very well,” she said.

So, we contacted the gallery to say this was not a shipping mistake but a packaging problem and the gallery was responsible for compensating Carrie.

Finally, after 3 months, the gallery agreed!

“I got a fair settlement from them and they took responsibility– very pleased, we’re all very pleased around here,” Carrie said.

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