BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Sometimes flowers are better than words when you want to let someone know you’re thinking of them. For years, Linda Benoit has been sending flowers to a very special person in her life: her sister-in-law Eileen.

“She’s my best friend,” Linda says. “I love her like she’s my own sister.”

The beautiful bouquets have been going back and forth between the two to mark special occasions. Linda orders them from her hometown of Brockton and has them delivered to Eileen in Arizona. Eileen does the same for Linda’s birthday and Christmas. It’s a reminder they’ll always be there for each other, just like they were two years ago when they really needed each other’s support.

“Her husband was diagnosed with cancer,” says Linda. “And two months later, I was diagnosed with cancer.”

Eileen’s husband lost his courageous battle.

“He was diagnosed in April,” Linda says. “He passed away in January.”

Even though she was grieving, Eileen was still there for Linda, who was in the middle of her own cancer fight.

“She still made sure that she phoned me and talked to me on my birthday,” Linda says.

Eventually, Linda beat the cancer. And this August, keeping the tradition alive, she went online to order Eileen a birthday bouquet.

“I specified that I wanted carnations first of all, because that’s her favorite flower as well as mine,” she says.

Excited, Eileen sent Linda a picture of the bouquet she received, but Linda reacted differently.

“I looked at the picture and I was just really upset,” she says.

Linda says the arrangement that was delivered looked nothing like what she ordered.

“I was just extremely disappointed,” Linda says.

She called to complain. The florist offered her a refund or re-delivery and Linda opted for the new arrangement.

“It’s about wanting to make sure that she gets what I want her to have,” she says.

Linda figured it would take a few days for the new delivery to be made, but after a few weeks, several phone calls and no new flowers, her hopes started wilting.

“I said, ‘You know what? I’m not getting anywhere,'” she says. “Let me just take a chance.”

That’s when she called Solve It 7.

We called the florist. A representative promised to reach out to Linda directly and get a new delivery to Eileen as soon as possible.

“The customer service said, ‘We got a call from a news station!'” Linda says with a smile.

The next day a very special sister-in-law received a very special delivery.

“I think it’s wonderful what you do and keep it up!” says Linda.

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