Teaching isn’t just a job for Robert Keighton. It’s his lifelong passion.

“I’ve been at Curry for about 53 years,” says Keighton.

Robert has been a professor of politics and history at Curry College since the 1960’s and has no plans to stop.

“I love the teaching, the interactions with the students,” he says.

Every day, Robert laces up his shoes and heads to campus, but as he gets older, bending over to ties his laces isn’t as easy as it used to be!

“I’m not a big fan,” says Robert, with a laugh. “[Laces are] always coming apart then you’re tying them here and tying them there.”

Robert went to Men’s Wearhouse and found a pair of shoes he liked.

“They were out of stock so they had to order them,” he says.

But weeks went by and he didn’t get his shoes. Robert called FedEx. A representative said they delivered the shoes to his apartment building.

“They didn’t buzz me or anything,” he says. “They didn’t make any effort to contact me.”

So Robert called Solve It 7.

“They’re claiming they delivered the shoes, but you never got them?” asks 7News’s Kris Anderson.

“Correct,” says Robert.

We contacted FedEx and the store where Robert purchased the shoes to try and figure out what happened. FedEx wanted Robert to submit a claim form, but Men’s Wearhouse stepped up to help a loyal customer and sent another pair of shoes for free!

“These are the famous shoes!” Robert says, proudly showing off his new kicks.

Now Professor Keighton is standing tall, thanks to Solve It 7.

“Solve it 7 has been very good, I have to tell you,” he says. “I would never have these shoes without your efforts.”

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