SCITUATE, MASS. (WHDH) - After a Scituate woman noticed a leak in her fridge, she got the cold shoulder from her warranty company. So, she reached out to Solve It 7.

“Working in a kitchen brought out the extra fire in me. It’s a fun time. It’s not for the weak but it’s a fun time,” said Christina Nascimento.

As a child, Christina spent countless hours learning to cook with her mom.    

“I had a little stool and I was making cream of wheat, apparently I wasn’t making it right, so she taught me how to make it the right way like. I learned everything I know from this lady,” said Christina.

Her passion turned to profit. Christina now works at a restaurant and runs a catering business from her home.

“It brings me joy,” said Christina.

To keep the kitchen cooking, her appliances need to be humming along. So, when she noticed her fridge leaking back in September, she acted fast to get it fixed.

“Having no fridge means no money coming in… I do tastings and things out of my home and no one wants to do that when the fridges leaking I can’t have  people here doing that,” said Christina.

Christina called her warranty company. But it took almost two months for them to say they didn’t have the parts needed to fix it.

“They had to submit for me to be approved to get a new refrigerator and that took a whole month for them to do,” said Christina.

Another month went by without a replacement. Christina kept calling for answers.  

“I almost was giving up to be honest with you, because it’s like I can’t I can’t get anywhere. I can’t even get someone to talk to me…. I have no refrigerator,  nothing is getting done,” said Christina.

Feeling iced out, she turned to Solve It 7.

“I actually made a post on Facebook and one of my friends said you need to call Solve It 7 and I said you know what? You’re right,” said Christina.

We reached out to the company. A spokesperson told us a problem with their new computer system caused the delay.  

“Someone actually responded,” said Christina.

The company is sending Christina a check so she can buy a new fridge and get back to business.

“Thank you so much. It’s been six long months that I’ve been trying without Solve It 7… Solve It 7 has it figured out,” said Christina.

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