Solve It 7: Gift Card Confusion

BOSTON (WHDH) - For generations of Bostonians, nothing could compare to dinner with a view at Top of the Hub.

“It was the best place to view the city of Boston,” says a frequent patron, Diana Rice. “The best place.”

Diana has lived in the Fenway section of Boston for decades and says some of her favorite nights in the city were spent at the iconic restaurant.

“Get together with friends, meet new people,” she says. “It was a big, socializing place to be.”

So like many others, Diana was disappointed when she found out the famed eatery would be closing this April.

“I was shocked,” she says.

Diana had a $100 gift card for the restaurant, so back in March she and her friends made plans to have one last hurrah at Top of the Hub. But then COVID-19 happened.

“All of a sudden, March rolls around and all the restaurants are closed,” Diana says.

With its lease not being renewed, that meant Top of the Hub had served its last meal with a view.

“Bummed, yeah very,” Diana says. “I was pretty sad.”

Diana figured the gift card was now worthless and her money was gone. Until she read an article online that said Top of the Hub’s parent company would be offering refunds for unused gift cards.

Ready for her refund, Diana emailed the parent company, Select Restaurants, Inc. After she didn’t get a response, Diana called and left a message. Still, she didn’t hear back from anyone at the company.

“That’s when I said…’Hmm…Solve It 7!'” Diana says.

We talked to a representative from Select Restaurants, Inc. He told us their entire operation had been closed for months because of the coronavirus. They had just reopened the week before we called and were already processing refunds.

He apologized for the delay and said Diana’s check would be sent out right away. A few days later it arrived.

Diana says nothing will top her hub experience, but she’s excited to dine out again soon with a little more money in her pocket thanks to Solve It 7.

“I’m on top of the world with Solve It 7,” Diana says. “For helping with my gift card problem.”

If you have an unused gift card to Top of the Hub, you’re eligible to get a refund as well. Call or email Select Restaurants, Inc. and they will get you your money back.

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