A heartbreaking situation for a local man. He wanted his parents’ grave marker completed. When that didn’t happen, his wife contacted solve it 7. Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

Chuck and his wife, Lisa, remember the good times his parents spent together.

“They traveled everywhere. They had a motorhome. I think they made it to every state except for eight,” Chuck said.

After his parents, Charles and Marilyn, passed away — Chuck wanted their final resting place at the cemetery to be perfect.

“It was just sentimental. I just wanted it done,” Chuck said.

Chuck paid for their gravestone and says he was told it would be ready by last fall.

But Thanksgiving and Christmas passed, and the grave marker never arrived.  

“Just sad; just looking at an old dug-up grave is what it looked like. It didn’t feel like it was theirs,” Chuck said.

Chuck and Lisa say they called and emailed the company many times — but got no response.  

“I was just like, kinda like, at a loss too, like, what do you do?” Lisa said.

“We contacted solve it 7,” Chuck said.

And we got to work.

“The very next day, I had a family member call me from the company willing to resolve it. Thank you guys for getting it done,” Chuck said.

On Easter Sunday, Chuck and Lisa got a pleasant surprise when they visited the cemetery. The memorial marker was there.

“It was nice. It was nice to see it,” Chuck said.

“Beautiful,” Lisa said.

Glad it worked out. Do you have a problem that’s close to your heart? We might be able to help. 

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