MANSFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - For years it rained inside one man’s living room. When he couldn’t get the storm to pass, he called Solve It 7.

It started out as a drip. But the leak got so bad Joel had to put down buckets to catch the water cascading from his ceiling when it rained.

He started videotaping the downpours in the Mansfield apartment he shares with his cats and his partner.

“It got progressively worse,” Joel said.

Joel says every time he complained to property management they would patch the ceiling without fixing the leak.

“It’s been two years. It has been two years of the same answer, ‘Oh, we’re having someone come in a couple of months to take care of it,'” Joel said.

During one rainstorm, Joel even called the fire department.

“They came down, took their ax, and ripped open the ceiling,” Joel said.

And bird and squirrel nests fell out.

“All this garbage that’s on the floor right now is soaked with rain and animal feces,” Joel said. “Meanwhile, ‘Hey, just keep paying your rent. Keep dumping those buckets of water. You’re doing a great job. We’ll send somebody soon. One day. Maybe.'”

Tired of getting soaked, Joel called Solve It Seven.

“I need like somebody with more connections than me to come and maybe solve this problem and obviously Solve It 7 is here to help me out,” Joel said.

We contacted property management, who told us they’ve been trying to address the leak, but permanent repairs have been delayed due to COVID and permitting issues.

But within a day of that conversation, they offered Joel a new apartment. And they’re paying for movers.

“I think that if you guys didn’t get ahold them, I’d be living in here until they decided to come by, which could be April could be May, could be June, could be July, could be next year? Who knows. I gotta say, ‘thanks!'”

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