Solve It 7: Gym Deal Dispute

SAUGUS, MASS. (WHDH) - Jessica Boots is still feeling the effects of COVID-19

“I’ve just been still dealing with it, unfortunately,” she said.

The EMT tested positive for the virus last summer.

“So, I was pretty sick, I had the sore throat that felt like my throat was closing. I couldn’t breathe a lot of the time,” Jessica said.

Jessica was out of work for six weeks!

Even after she returned to work, she couldn’t exercise because the virus left her with a cardiac issue.

“I can’t work out, like I physically, I struggle to work like I can’t work out,” Jessica said.

She told her gym she would have to cancel her personal training membership.

“I called them right away and I was like hey like I’m still dealing with symptoms from my COVID experience.”

A gym employee told her she’d need a doctor’s note to break the contract.

“So, I submitted the doctor’s note and they said that corporate would reach out to me and nobody did; I figured everything was canceled,” she said.

But, a couple of months later Jessica said, “money was still coming out.”

She said, “I immediately called my gym again and was like what’s going on, I thought it was canceled.”

A gym representative told Jessica she’d have to pay almost $2,000 to buy-out her contract or submit another doctor’s note that detailed her long-term health problems from COVID-19.

“It was extremely stressful, and I didn’t need any more stress on top of my health issues I’m dealing with,” Jessica said.

Jessica says she submitted a second doctor’s note, but nothing changed. So, she asked Solve It 7 for help!

We called her gym’s corporate office and explained the situation.

Within four days, Jessica was refunded the $720 in fees she had been disputing.

“You guys were extremely helpful and I really appreciate it because I think I’d still be fighting with them,” she said.

Now this front-line hero is no longer worked up about workouts!

“I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like, wonderful and relieving that somebody was on my side with it,” Jessica said.

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