PLYMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - Going to the gym isn’t just about bulking up.

“I wanted to feel healthy again more than anything,” says Kim Corben.
For Kim, it was about getting a new lease on life after a major health scare a few years ago.
“[I went for a] regular mammogram at age 50,” Kim says. “No symptoms, nothing, and I found out I had breast cancer.”
Kim beat the cancer and she joined her local gym, eventually hiring a personal trainer.
“I was really into it,” says the Plymouth mother. “I was going seven days a week, feeling really good.”
But then she faced a new setback.
“It was a new cancer in the same place,” she says.
Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer again.
“Believe it or not, the second time was much harder than the first time,” she says.
“It seems like the mental battle was even tougher than the physical,” says 7News’s Kris Anderson. “Absolutely,” says Kim. “I just didn’t want to go through it again.”
Kim spent months battling and beating cancer a second time. While she was fighting the disease, another danger was spreading: COVID-19.
“I still feel like I don’t want to be in public spaces,” says Kim.
Her cancer treatments left her with a compromised immune system. To stay safe, she canceled her gym membership and personal training sessions. Everything was fine until she checked her bank account.
“There was a charge on October 20th and then there was another charge,” Kim says.
The gym charged Kim for personal training sessions she didn’t attend and hit her with a cancellation fee. It added up to more than $600! She called the gym for a refund.
“[The representative] was very nice about it, but he was not willing to budge on anything,” she says.
“Do you think that’s fair?” asks Kris. “I don’t think it’s fair,” Kim says.
So she called Solve It 7.
We contacted the gym and, with Kim’s permission, explained her health concerns. The manager said he would call Kim directly to work something out.
“I got the call and they said that they were going to remove the charge,” Kim says.
The next day the money was back in her account. Her workout worries were over.
“It was just great that you were able to solve it so quickly for me,” says Kim.
Kim says she’s feeling great and looking forward to going back to the gym once the virus is under control.
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